Chapter No. 25

Chapter No 25 is a Chapter not a Lodge. The Chapter is a Degree and is a progression from the primitive Lodges, and is designed to cater for Brothers looking for something different in Druidism.


The Chapter was opened on 30th April 1887.  It’s main meeting house was the “Hotel Metropole” in Margate, they subsequently moved to Love Lane and eventually moved their meetings to Unity House. 


The Chapter hold their meetings every Fourth Friday of the month.


The first Most Excellent ArchDruid was Companion H Tookey, the present one is Companion D Langston


There is also a Ladies section affiliated to the A O D  this is  is called  The Lady Oak Leaves

It is open to all Ladies over 18 years of age and they do not have to be wives or partners of Druids

. They meet on the first Friday in every month and like the male Lodges support local charities




Chapter History

Text Box: Ancient  Order  of  Druids
Grand  Lodge  of  Thanet

Pressent M.E.R.A.

Companion David Langston